Daniel Ulibarri



Just cause I ain’t lived through the same hand that was dealt to you,

Doesn’t make me any less or make any more of you.

I wouldn’t trade my best day so you could validate all your fears.

And if I’ve only got one shot…

Won’t waste it on a shadow box

I’ll stand right here

It’s all talk

Talkin’ in the wind

It only slows you down if you start listenin’

And it’s a whole lot harder to shine, than undermine

First mile is always harder

When you’re leaving what you know

Won’t blame you if you stay here waving to me as I go

Always wished the best for you

Thought that you would see me through my wildest dreams

Yeah, the ones you thought I’d never make

Still, you would trade your best day

Just to have your way

All these years

And if you only had one shot

Maybe all this talk would disappear