Daniel Ulibarri


The one that is most broken The one who is the saddest Is in most need of love. I can't help but think of my namesakes They have never been hugged properly. Even if we get together, if we all get closer while they yell that they fear and despise us:

We are fucking communists and anti-system? It's bullshit. That's the ignorance rising. The one that is most broken, the one who
is the saddest, is in the most need of love. You don't have to be the schoolyard bully anymore Just so someone else won't abuse you. No longer do you have to fight
for the girl or boy you like. You don't have to insult your teachers just Because you don't respect what they tell you. It's not rocket science... The ones that laugh at you
it's their ignorance that's really pointing the finger. As you look at that finger the one that is most broken the most pissed off of all... is in most need of love. Look, namesakes, they have used and abused us. And yet, I don't have an excuse to castrate them. I keep spending what I earn on trying to be human again. I want to stop screwing up strangers' lives and forget all those times I wanted to rule:
I was actually claiming my insecurity. You are on time, let yourself be hugged.
Try to look at all the things you once saved beyond the layers of fat, cork, and shrink wrap. I'm sure there was once something there that wasn't broken, think about it maybe, possibly. I can't do it for you nor you can do it for me.
You and I have to be willing to face our trauma.

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