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Say all you want. Say you are an angel, say.

Much better than you know, say.

You see, you’re all that I want. You had me at hello, say. I almost fainted, say.

Too much for my old heart and young soul to bare it, say.

I want to get away. Please say that you want to, say.

The places we could go are all posh and green.

I’ll pay for the gas, we’ll head for the hills. It could be amazin’.

Say, how I can taste it. The only thing I’m gaugin’ is how you feel.

Say, is there somethin’ that you need to have? Is it indispensable?

Say, is it something I can get arrested for? You got it, only say the word.

Hell and bloody murder. Ain’t no mountain high, say.

And if the hurdles are unheard of, you’re worth it.

So teach me how to be all that you want. Okay? Just say.

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