Daniel Ulibarri

Me, my, mine…

My embarrassment capital of the world

My day to day battlefield for the heart, starving…

In my head can’t pick a fight, not at night. But I will hold a grudge with the fist of an angry God. All day long. If tomorrow even comes.

When dreams become responsibilities

and I feel so little.

How do YOU do? Not really, though.

It hurts to even look at you

Because you’re beautiful and cruel

When the lights went I felt I could touch you.

Yet you sail, stay just far enough away

You want to say the things that unravel my face, no time no place

Im high and dry in my own cell

The prison of my choosing

That very conscious desire to punish myself.

How was your drive-by shooting, by the way?

A shot to the heart ain’t as lethal as your 24-hour subtext.

So I go blind and finally realize how fragile, how lost, I am, in darkness where you hide.

I found that little things start to get to me.

Can’t see a picture that includes me, no palm in my hand no heartbeat that belongs to me.

So I sit. And I wait. For nothing and no one. For a future that won’t come…

Cause my life has been lived.

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