Daniel Ulibarri

It was me

A black spot
That arises from the chest
Asphalt gushing out of your arteries, ramming
Against your veins
Drowning your lungs
I wish I had fallen asleep in that bathtub
In a premature goodbye to sadness
You thought you would never breathe
The acceptance of defeat gave you pleasure
Because only there, only there In those hands that were looking for pills in the bathroom
In those fingers that forced the bottom drawer From your parents’ private room
They were there
The true Our Fathers waiting
Do not get confused
No one will come to forgive you on behalf of anyone
You surrender with your arms outstretched But you won’t be able to resurrect yourself
They had taken away what was yours, what was pure Naive and what was perfect
They turned him into a rotten fruit Fallen from the forbidden tree of sins
Forever damaged, forever damaged Forever damaged, forever damaged
Forever damaged, forever damaged
Forever damaged, forever damaged
Still you thought there would be something that could save you
Sometimes it was a body, sometimes a scruple
Sometimes a lie, sometimes I pray at night
Ask for something, even though you didn’t really know what it was
You let yourself be carried away by anyone
That I would like to touch you
Because it was easier not to feel anything there
Than stop to try to understand What was between the legs
That only caused pain and trouble
The ghosts settled
They took control, they took command
You stayed to live In the nearest jail, I was inside your own cage
You had built it
With the remains of your childhood
You were looking for your song
Of death and salvation
I was there Because it was me
Because it was me

Amante del humo, la gasolina, los químicos y preservantes. Quienes son amantes del "fitness", el gimnasio, las dietas y los maratones y cualquiera que abrigue escrúpulos de moralina, se encierre en sus 'tiquismiquis' de conciencia y provincialismos santurrones, deje de lado estos renglones ahora mismo.

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