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My baby, he’s all. All and then he is so much more.

A freak like me and he knows just what I like.

He carries all the keys to the places that no one dares to find, he won’t tell nobody what goes on in these walls…

But if they talked, they’d probably tell you all about love.

So hear me when I say that he’s all and then he is so much more…

My king got machine gun hips, better duck once he goes off and takes aim.

No intention to miss, oh-my,

Here we go…

It’s close to a flight in the midst of neon lights.

And my neighbors, they greet me with bags under their eyes…

And they know why!

Oh, concubine, what are you made of?

No resource on this earth is that soft.

I swear by God you are an angel.

Ironic how you help me raise hell…

I let it go, surrender control as he stakes me for my pipe, hands in the air, we offer our souls.

It’s easy when he’s on my mind.

He only gets free rides and he’s gon’ need it, believe it.

He’s always outta breath from running right across my mind…

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