Daniel Ulibarri


Show me your pity eyes in the wild side,

They speak to me as they hunt us down one by one…

Invisible beings speak to me from the other side:

In this life there is only walking or running.

I dare to imagine that together we fly.

I don’t know where I’m going, yet you go with me in this noisy fantasy of mine.

If we just remain animals, I don’t know how savage I shall get… or if you’re more than what I imagined.

This world, I just don’t understand it.

Not sure it wants me.

I get lost. I get sick.

You walk alone without seeing, invisible beings they hug you.

In this life we are hungry for so much.

Not sure I want any part of it.

Don’t know where to turn, yet you turn it up with me.

Yet if we remain just simple animals, I don’t know how to care… or if you’ll care for me?

And the world I don’t understand.

I go mad. I get wild… don’t much understand it.

In this ride we are only passing.

I don’t know where I’m going or if you really want me…

But in case that we remain as only animals, I don’t get what’s the point. Hope maybe you will show me one.

And if we fly away together, you and me, all the way o the stars…

How about that?

And if we lie down, looking at the sun trusting who we are and what little we really know…

How do you like me now?

We might be fine.

Fight until we expire.

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