Daniel Ulibarri

Long-haired manboy

I’m the long-haired manboy

They say I lost my mind quite some time ago

The question mark, the full stop

A blank page, hair on my face

So I tried to let loose… but I came undone

Found no purpose or logic

I wanted fire, lit a match but went ATOMIC!.

Fully catastrophic, bits and pieces for a body. This pirate smile don’t hurt nobody… cause it’s scary phony…

I’m catatonic. The cautionary nobody.

Not a legend, not a warning…

Pale like a ghost that’s been forgotten

When I show my face… It’s like I’m not even there.

So I show them: fuck with their heads cause mine’s got an actual brain.

I take the stage so they’ll look my way.

I shine so bright when I roast their sad in bulk simple ways…

I must say: Still love to divide an audience.

I shine brightest when chaos is in order

And then I hide again. Part of the process.

Give me darkness and sweet nothings.

Grown ass man can feel no pain, and little boy never learned the game.

Blanket statements, silky wasted… waiting a turn to blow me dry to an early grave.

No work, no play.: time and time again.

The long-haired don’t give a fuck, or ever really cared.

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